Like Kind Exchange Qualifiers

Like Kind Exchange (LKE) is most applicable for companies that have a significant number of assets that:

  • are used in their trade or business
  • are disposed of at a taxable gain
  • are replaced periodically with assets of a like kind
Any company that maintains assets that are sold at a gain and ultimately replaced may be able to take advantage of Like Kind Exchange. The PwC-eLKE system can be highly beneficial for both large and medium-sized companies.

Examples of companies that might benefit from PwC-eLKE include:

  • Dealer/lessors of heavy equipment including equipment used in the construction, agriculture, mining, trucking and transportation industries
  • Lessors of smaller equipment, furniture, hospital and potentially, large computer equipment
  • Small auto leasing companies.
  • Transportation companies
  • Construction companies with significant investments in machinery and equipment
  • Trucking companies
  • Airlines and Utilities that maintain repair, service and maintenance vehicles
  • Companies that maintain own fleets of vehicles used by their employees
  • Oil and gas companies that own and replace their drilling equipment.
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