Overview of PwC-eLKE

PwC-eLKE is an integrated solution involving tax technology and consulting services that is scalable to both large and small clients. The PwC-eLKE software accepts periodic feeds of data relevant to asset dispositions and acquisitions; processing occurs at our Dallas-based TSG (Tax Services Group) hosting facility. PwC-eLKE requires little or no change to your existing accounting systems or processes.

The goal of the PwC-eLKE team is to make the implementation process smooth and efficient. 

PwC-eLKE Software


PwC-eLKE automates the matching process using matching algorithms that enhance gain deferral, and performs the record-keeping required by IRS regulations. Functions performed by PwC-eLKE include the following:

  • Calculating depreciation for multiple books.
  • Matching assets for exchanges.
  • Tracking detail of individual exchange matches.
  • Creating an audit trail for verification by the IRS.
  • Generating automatic e-mail notifications to the Qualified Intermediary for matching and transfer activity.
  • Providing the ability to sort activity by geographic location for state and local tax reporting purposes.
  • Allowing clients to designate eligible and ineligible property.
  • Generating reports to satisfy IRS reporting and compliance requirements.
Tax Consulting Services


Our tax team will help you navigate the complexities of developing a Like Kind Exchange program, including:

  • Designing and implementing an exchange program that will allow you meet LKE requirements for on-going asset sales and purchases and is tailored to your needs
  • Developing bank account structure and cash management procedures
  • Developing notification language and procedures required under LKE tax regulations
  • Assisting you in engaging QI and drafting of exchange agreements
  • Providing employee training
  • Developing LKE program tax documentation and analysis
Technology Services


Our technology team will help you through the software implementation, including:

  • Working with your technology personnel to develop data extract processes and procedures
  • Determining and implementing required tax configurations
  • Configuring and implementing a web-enabled technology solution
  • Conducting user training of the PwC-eLKE system
  • Providing ongoing processing, tax reporting and support
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